Elcometer 308 Hygrometer
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Before painting it is necessary to check that the climatic conditions are suitable for the coating being applied. These are clearly specified on the paint manufacturer’s product data sheet.

Surface temperature (Ts) and Relative Humidity (%RH) are two key climatic values which are specified on many data sheets.

  • Relative Humidity (RH): This is the amount of water vapour taken up by air. Expressed as a percentage, RH is dependent on the air temperature. Typical maximum RH values specified by paint manufacturers are between 75% and 85%.

The Elcometer 308 digital hygrometer has been specifically designed for use in very hot climates where the surface temperature of the substrate can exceed the paint manufacturer’s recommended limits for successful painting Surface Temperature (Ts)

Painting outside recommended limits can have a detrimental affect on the performance and lifetime of the coating. The Elcometer 308 Hygrometer provides a simple and fast measurement of these two critical parameters.

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