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If you want to quickly assess the surface profile of blasted profiles or predefined profiles, surface profile comparators are the best option for you. They are easily transportable and very easy to use.

We have a range of surface comparators which are used to compare the freshly blasted profiles to pre-defined profiles and it comes with different measurements. Some surface comparators have a hole in the middle which allows the comparator to be placed on the surface to be assessed so that the comparator and the surface are visible together – enabling clear visual comparisons with reference profiles.

The Elcometer 125 Surface Comparator has four reference profile grades to measure the profile of either grit or shot and is measured in microns.

The Elcometer 127 Keane-Tator Surface Comparators & Magnifier are available in sand, shot or grit surface profiles and is measured in mils. Each comparator is supplied with 5 profile grades ranging from 0.5 – 5.5 mils and is designed for use with the illuminated magnifier to assist with the visual comparison.

The Elcometer 129 Rubert & Rugotest Surface Comparators are available in two models. The Elcometer 129 Rubert is available in grit and shot versions and the Elcometer 129 Rugotest is available with the shot and grit profiles in the same block.

We also have specialist surface comparators such as the Elcometer 133, available for assessing the surface condition of ship’s propeller(s) – either during dry dock or underwater. These measure the Roughness Average (Ra) and Peak-to-Valley Mean Height (Rz).

In some cases a tactile comparison is used, however care should be taken not to contaminate the substrate.

Additionally there are surface comparators (such as the Elcometer Surface Weld Comparator) which are available to measure the quality of weld beads.

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